Alternative currency and balanced living system. Alternativna valuta i uravnoteženi životni sistem. Moneta alternativa e sistema di vita equilibrato.



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 Business And Commerce - Buying And Selling On Crom Marketplace For Products And Services

Crom Marketplace is a new innovative business - cooperative economic alternative in which by meeting of demand and supply of goods, products and services through fair commerce, free choice of any type of means of payment and direct access to market are guaranteed to everyone. Crom Marketplace contributes to balanced and sustainable economic development, it is oriented towards the respect of human rights and achieving the greatest possible self-sufficiency of man. Crom Marketplace promotes international commerce and trade on ethical principles, without any commercial intermediation, and without monopoly and control of powerful multinational corporations. Crom Marketplace contributes to ecologically sustainable development; it supports trade of products and services that are compatible with the development of culture of nature and environmental protection, and efforts to preserve biodiversity.

Free market - the principle on which operates this marketplace for goods, products and services, is a guarantee for a fair and efficient alternative economy in which creativity, ideas and numerous diverse local businesses flourish. Crom Marketplace opens the possibility of formation of new production and consumption chain, particularly in sectors such as production of clean renewable energy, second hand items, small entrepreneurs, recycling of waste, traditional artisans, natural foods and natural medicine. Each member of this social network is motivated to become a provider rather than acting just as an ordinary customer. Crom Marketplace offers a new innovative way to buy and sell goods, merchandise, products and services - money as a price is a matter of personal preference which may be expressed as a barter products for services or exchange services for products, in gold or time, in croms or, for example, one percentage in croms and the rest in another currency - there are countless choices and combinations through which the activities of supply and demand in this worth appraisal and exchange system involves financial, commercial and industrial aspects.

This marketplace is a place where those searching for jobs can find work, and employers can find workers. Want to sell your old cell phone? How about buying new solar panels or a new computer? If you want to let other people know that you repair cars, you can quickly and easily publish a permanent advertisement with a title, description and other additional information with just a few mouse clicks. Less stress, more free time, a better standard of living, greater self-sufficiency and a greater purchasing power are not a utopia. Crom Marketplace is a tool within Crom Alternative Currency System that can considerably felicitate your everyday living through improvement of business.